Night Vision Rifle Scopes

For over 10 years our core business has been the supply of accurate, repeatable night vision rifle scopes.

We offer both dedicated and add on / clip on night vision rifle scopes in digital, tubed and thermal formats.
CNVD-22 Gen 3 Clip On Night Vision
Gen 3 clip on night vision device.
CTS-230 Thermal Imaging Clip-On Sight
Clip on front mounted 640x480 core thermal sight.
Iray Rico LRF Unit
InfiRay RICO Themal Rifle Scope Laser Range Finder Expansion - Clips onto the Rico Series of Scopes
Iray Rico RL42 Thermal Rifle Scope
InfiRay RICO Themal Rifle Scope RL42 - 384x288, 12μm VOx ,<40mk NETD, 50Hz, 50mm lens, 1024x768 OLED display, 4-16x magnification, 8 x reticle, 16gb recording, WI-FI, 55mm eye relief, 6hr Battery life, 2179m range, IP66, Optional Laser Range Finder
Iray Tube TL35 Thermal Rifle Scope
InfiRay TUBE Thermal Rifle Scope TL35 - 384x288, 12μm VOx ,<40mk NETD, 50Hz, 35mm lens, 1280x960 LCOS display, 3-12x magnification, 16gb recording, WI-FI, 70mm eye relief, 15hr Battery life, 1815m range, IP66
New! Digi-Stalker Digital Clip On Night Vision
Latest digital front mounted clip on with highest performance.
1280 resolution

New! Pard DS35 70 LRF Night Vision Rifle Scope
Latest digital rifle scope with laser range finder.
5.6-11.2X 850NM
New! Pard DS35 70 Night Vision Rifle Scope
Latest digital rifle scope
5.6-11.2X 850NM
New! T-Ceptor 75-3 Thermal Rifle Scope
Latest thermal rifle scope 5-20x magnification.
384x288 Shutterless VOx Core
Made in UK