New! Digi-Stalker Digital Clip On Night Vision

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New! Digi-Stalker Digital Clip On Night VisionNote: For a limited time we are including the required Rusan adapter with the Digi-Stalker. Just let us know the diameter of the objective bell of your day scope in the comments section when ordering. The Rusan adapter only requires 2mm of clearance between your day scope and rifle barrel.

The new Digi-Stalker is a front mounted clip on digital night vision device. Unlike other products of this type, it is very high resolution, providing the best image possible.

Unlike rear mounted night vision devices, the Digi-Stalker does not need a perfectly compatible scope. It will work with any day scope with a base magnification between 3-8X.

As a clip on device, it simply attaches to the objective of your existing day scope via a Rusan adapter, converting your day scope into a high performance NV rifle scope. In terms of image quality it is far better than any other clip on available and even equals or surpasses the image quality of some rear mounted or dedicated night vision scopes.

We have learned that having properly optimised optics are crucial to accuracy with a clip on device and we have taken that one step further with the Digi-Stalker to allow fine tuning and matching within the device itself. The adjustment is mechanical so that no resolution of the display is lost. Once set up correctly, the Digi-Stalker retains the zero of your day scope. 

The heart of the unit is the ultra high sensitivity 1280 resolution sensor. The sensor is fully automatic and no menus or adjustments are needed. The only controls are a mechanical power on/off switch and brightness controls for the 1280 resolution OLED display.

Internally powered by 2 x CR123 standard or re-chargeable batteries gives a run time of 4 hours. External battery packs are available to further increase this and can be mounted directly to the unit via the picatinny accessory rails.

For illumination we recommend our Black Sun Ruby BR20. It is very small and light, but still provides enough power for easy ID to 300 yards, with a further 300 yards of backdrop being visible behind your target.


Sensor:CMOS 1/2" 50Hz 1280x720
Objective:54mm F1.5
Resolution: 65 lp/mm

Dimensions:1675575 mm
Display:1280x960 OLED
Power:2xCR123 (4 Hours) or external (BP-2R 16 Hours)

Supplied in soft case complete with batteries and user manual.

Warranty: 2 Years.