Night Vision Rifle Scopes

For over 10 years our core business has been the supply of accurate, repeatable night vision rifle scopes.

We offer both dedicated and add on / clip on night vision rifle scopes in digital, tubed and thermal formats.
CNVD-22 Gen 3 Clip On Night Vision
Gen 3 clip on night vision device.
CTS-230 Thermal Imaging Clip-On Sight
Clip on front mounted 640x480 core thermal sight.
Iray Rico LRF Unit
InfiRay RICO Themal Rifle Scope Laser Range Finder Expansion - Clips onto the Rico Series of Scopes
Iray Rico RL42 Thermal Rifle Scope
InfiRay RICO Themal Rifle Scope RL42 - 384x288, 12μm VOx ,<40mk NETD, 50Hz, 50mm lens, 1024x768 OLED display, 4-16x magnification, 8 x reticle, 16gb recording, WI-FI, 55mm eye relief, 6hr Battery life, 2179m range, IP66, Optional Laser Range Finder
Iray Tube TL35 Thermal Rifle Scope
InfiRay TUBE Thermal Rifle Scope TL35 - 384x288, 12μm VOx ,<40mk NETD, 50Hz, 35mm lens, 1280x960 LCOS display, 3-12x magnification, 16gb recording, WI-FI, 70mm eye relief, 15hr Battery life, 1815m range, IP66
New! Digi-Stalker Digital Clip On Night Vision
Latest digital front mounted clip on with highest performance.
1280 resolution

New! Pard NV008S LRF Night Vision Rifle Scope
6-5-12x Day / Night Vision Rifle Scope
LRF Model with range finder and ballistic calculator built in!
New! T-Ceptor 75-3 Thermal Rifle Scope
Latest thermal rifle scope 5-20x magnification.
384x288 Shutterless VOx Core
Made in UK
New! T-Ceptor 75-6 Thermal Rifle Scope
Latest thermal rifle scope 3-12x magnification.
640x480 Shutterless VOx Core
Made in UK