Ward-D-Mini Digital Night Vision

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Ward-D-Mini Digital Night Vision
  • Ward-D-Mini Digital Night Vision
  • Ward-D-Mini Digital Night Vision
Following on from the success of the Ward-D-Vision digital night vision unit we have now developed the Ward-D-Mini digital night vision unit. Our aim was to develop a simple, inexpensive, night vision add on with no sacrifice to image quality in the smallest size possible.

Compared to the Ward-D-Vision the Ward-D-Mini is cheaper, smaller and lighter, but it does require a longer mounting behind your day scope so can affect shooting position slightly, it also has a shorter continuous run time of 2 to 2:30 hours and is not fully waterproof. The Ward-D-Mini also gives you a slightly zoomed in view of your rifle scope image, meaning you can reduce the magnification of the rifle scope to allow more light into the unit and also increase depth of field so focus adjustments are less necessary. Image clarity and range are also similar.

The Ward-D-Mini digital night vision add on system is designed to be coupled behind a normal day telescopic sight to give it night vision capabilities. The system will work with most day telescopic sights, providing they have an adjustable objective, or preferably (for ease of use) a sidewheel focus system.

This new system is far smaller, lighter, has higher resolution and far superior ergonomics than the conventional tubed systems it replaces.

Useable range is 200m when used with the N1000 laser illuminator. We have also got excellent results with the Ward T20 IR. Note: The system requires an IR illuminator to work in complete darkness.

This night vision system is an excellent choice for someone wishing to have night vision capability on a number of rifles. It can also be used off the rifle as a night vision observation device.

Key Features:

Very compact. Adds just 110mm length (with the Pulsar DSA) to your day scope so shooting position is less compromised

Designed to be fitted to a rifle scope, not adapted from a monocular so all optics are correctly matched

Built in lithium battery so no trailing wires

High system resolution 50lp/mm

High resolution sensor and near eye display 640x480

44mm dia mounting to suit Pulsar Challenger DSA

Combined Video Out and Aux Power / Charge connector socket 

Weight just 75 grams

Dimensions 55x43x54 (LxWxH)

The Ward-D-Mini unit is manufactured here in the UK at our new premises so spares and accessories are always available.

The Standard unit comes complete with: Ward-D-Mini unit and 240V Mains Charger. A 12V DC power/charge lead is available as an optional extra.