TWS-3100 640x480 Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

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TWS-3100 640x480 Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

The GSCI TWS-3000 Series thermal weapon sights offer the greatest performance in the light weight, rugged package.

TWS-3000 can be supplied with various high quality and fast germanium lenses featuring optical magnification from 1X and up to 4X, as well as a low F-Number. This allows to achieve impressive detgection and recognition range. 

While most rival systems have FPA format 320x240, 9-30Hz, GSCI's TWS-3000 series scopes offer FPAs with 384x288 as the mimum requirement option, and FPAs with 640x480 as the top notch option. Such an increase of resolution and fram rate provide the user with a smoother-looking image, and clearer detail during increased shading/gradation. The user of TWS-3000 series scopes say it really makes a difference. Frame rate lag is nearly zero during quick panning and tracking of fast-moving objects.

TWS-3000 comes with 2 quick swap battery packs allowing rapid interchange without long interruption in scope's operation. 

TWS-3000 is supplied with 16 selectable patterns of reticles and standard M1913 Picatinny mount. In addition to that, reticle coordinates may be memorized which allows to use the very same scope mounted on various guns or by various users. 

The TWS-3000 series represents the best thermal weapon scopes available on the market. Great performance, rugged construction, coupled with the high resolution sensors, OLED displays, GSCI proprietary video signal processing firmly positions TWS-3000 series scopes as a leader in the industry.

Add the fact that these units cost several thousands less than the "government puchase only" devices and are available as a commercial version to general public, it is clear that TWS-3000 is a winner!

Spectral Response
8-12 um
F.P.A. Format
640x480, 17um
Thermal Sensitivity
Refresh Rate
Lens Size
100mm, F1.0
Optical Zoom
Digital Zoom
Weight w/o Batteries
280x105x105 mm
Diopter Adjustment
+2 / -6
Battery Type
AA, 2pcs
Battery Life
up to 4 hrs.
Detection of Human Figure
Detection of Idling Car
Shutterless, Quiet XTiTM
Polarity Control
White Hot / Black Hot
OLED Micro Display Resolution