TE-W300H Automatic body temperature measurement

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TE-W300H Automatic body temperature measurement
Thermal imaging can be a very effective tool in accurately measuring body temperature to assist in screening for people who are unwell with diseases such as Coronavirus COVID-19, SARS, H1N1 or indeed any disease which has symptoms of elevated body temperature (Fever).

Thermal imagers can detect temperature from a distance and the process requries no social contact, reducing the risk of cross infection greatly. It is also able to measure large groups and throughputs of people with little or no operator intervention.

Automatic infrared thermal imaging body temperature rapid screening instrument.

Blackbody real-time calibration.

160*120 Resolution.

More accurate temperature measurement.
Significantly improved stability.
Long distance rapid screening.

Completely self contained or can be used with external large screen displays.
2-5m measurement range.
Internal battery or eternal power for 24H continuous operation.

Resolution: 160x120
Temperature Range: 20-50C
Accuracy: ≤0.3C
CCD: 1.3 MP
Working Temperature: 0-40C
LCD: 3.5"LCD
Function: Abnormal temperature alarm, automatic capture, video, photo

Suplied with:
Thermal camera, black body, tripod, carrying case, battery, TF card, video cable, power adapter.