Rusan QR Adapter For Pard NV007/A/V and Z6i Gen2,

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Rusan QR Adapter For Pard NV007/A/V and Z6i Gen2, The Rusan QR adapter is a very high quality mounting solution for the Pard NV007/A/V.

Quick cam lever action for very fast fitting and removal of the NV unit.

No need to leave adapter fixed to the rifle scope which can interefere with eye relief and safety on high recoiling calibres.

Clamping surface is lined with soft bearing material to prevent damage to day scope.

Specifically designed to fit the Swarovski Z6i Gen 2 rifle scopes illuminated reticule housing.

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No issues.
David M.
Shopping Satisfaction
Fast service I just think your phone lines are lacking would be nice to be able to speek to someone but order was correct and delivered in good time.
Shopping Satisfaction
This is an excellent fit for the NV00S and Swaro Z6i Gen 2. Easy to put on and off and with none of the slightly misaligned crosshair I got with the standard scope attachment.
Richard B.