PBS14-ZL Clip-On Night Vision Monocular Kit

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PBS14-ZL Clip-On Night Vision Monocular Kit
  • PBS14-ZL Clip-On Night Vision Monocular Kit
  • PBS14-ZL Clip-On Night Vision Monocular Kit



Now our legendary PBS14 Night Vision Monoculars are getting even more versatile. By coupling it with the Black Optex Zero LensTM you have rather precise and effective Clip-On Night Vision SightPBS14-ZL. The kit gathers the most up to date technological advancements, currently developed. Equipped with a Gen 3 68 lp/mm min, FOM 1800-2100 Image Intensifier Tube, the PBS14-ZL is a Real Performer.




The Black Optex Zero LensTM is an optical alignment adapter that enables the use of PBS14 night vision monoculars in front of day sights to add nighttime engagement capability with no zero shift. This configuration is more efficient and user friendly than when the PBS14 is mounted behind the primary sight.

Image intensification efficiency of the PBS14 is maintained by front mounting, and resolution of the produced image is improved as it passes through the Black Optex Zero LensTM. Front mounting also allows the operator to maintain the same shooting position, muscle memore, and eye relief with his primary sight.

The standard quick detach mounting system enables rapid installation and removal, allowing easy transition of the PBS14 between handheld, helmet mounted, or weapon mounted use as needed during operations. Once set, the Black Optex Zero LensTM will maintain alignment between the daysight and the adjusted PBS14 when it is re-installed.

The Black Optex Zero LensTM is rugged, non-electronic, compact device that adds capability to your existing inventory of optics at a fraction of the cost of adding a new stand alone systems. 


F number 1.1
Magnification 1X (with 3X lens)
Optical axis above rail (mm) 39
Field of View (Degrees) 14
AZ/EL Adjustments 0.5 MOA per click
Waterproof IP67
Shock, Recoil Up to 500G
Light Overload Sensor Yes
Batteries Type Lithium CR123 (3V) / AA (1.5V)
Batteries Quantity 1
Battery Life, Standard, CR123 (hrs.) 40+
Battery Life, Standard, AA (hrs.) 20+
Weight w/o 3X lens (g) 790
Weight w/ 3X lens (g) 900
Dimensions w/o 3X lens (mm) 185x82x64
Dimensions w/ 3X lens (mm) 240x82x64
Operating Temperature (C) -51 - +49