New! T-Ceptor PRO 35-3 12 Micron Thermal Rifle Scope

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New! T-Ceptor PRO 35-3 12 Micron Thermal Rifle Scope
  • New! T-Ceptor PRO 35-3 12 Micron Thermal Rifle Scope
  • New! T-Ceptor PRO 35-3 12 Micron Thermal Rifle Scope
  • New! T-Ceptor PRO 35-3 12 Micron Thermal Rifle Scope
New for 2022 with longer battery life, increased sensitivity <30mK and built in recording via SD card.

The T-Ceptor PRO series is the latest addition to our range of thermal rifle scopes, designed for the UK markets smaller target species, encountered at extended ranges and surpasses our WT1 50-3 and T-Ceptor 50-3.

Detection/Recognition/Identification on a Fox .5mx.9m in size is an amazing 1300/330/160m.

Not only is it designed for the UK market, but it is built by us in house right here in the UK. Lead time for manufacture is around 1 week.

The T-Ceptor is the most sensitive thermal rifle scope available with it's new VOx thermal module with 6 memory zero presets for different rifles / ammunition. Adjustable digital zoom range. Increased thermal pallet range. Black / White and automatic selections for reticule  colours. Also with it's 12 Micron core and high resolution 55mm F1 lens it also has the highest resolution in a practical, compact lightweight package.

Several reticules are available, all in the first focal plane for consistent hold or measuring points at any magnification. This FFP aspect of the reticules is also transferred to the PIP (Picture In Picture) display.

The thermal core is adjustable for contrast (gain), image brightness (level) with separate brightness adjustment of the display. There is also additional adjustment for image enhancement. In use we have found the image essentially noise free on even lowest enhancement settings.

The scopes are built around the latest 12 micron VOx hybrid shutterless thermal cores in 384x288 and 640x512 resolutions for increased magnification and better image quality. Being shutterless, the image does not deteriorate when in use and requires no calibration or freezing of the image just when you don't want it to in a rifle scope.

The fast F1.0 35mm internal focus system objective lenses provide maximum thermal sensitivity and accuracy from what is already the most sensitive core available by some margin. In use this means more detail in your target and better performance in poor conditions such as thick fog and rain.

1024x768 OLED display provides the best output image possible with wide range dioptre adjustment. The thermal core output is upscaled to the display resolution providing the sharpest, smoothest image we have ever seen.

White / Black hot polarity, plus colour thermal palettes to suit all situations.

Powered by 1 x 21700 re-chargeable with a continuous run time of 6-7 hours. Power saving mode with instant on, further increases battery life. An accessory battery pack / DVR (BP-2R) is available to further increase run-time to 16 hours.

Pulsar compatible mounting interface to mount the scope to the rifle (select rifle mount when ordering via drop down box), plus accessory rail on the side of the scope for mounting a DVR / battery pack. Alternatively a MAK mount adapter is available. The standard mount is designed with plenty of reach-forward to fit bolt action rifles without the need for extended rails. The mount interface to the scope is also adjustable for windage for a perfect bore-sight to centre the reticule.

High optical magnifications and the ability to increase magnification via digital zoom make the T-Ceptor scopes extremely versatile.


VOx, 384288, 12m, 814м, 50 Hz, <30 mK
Objective:35mm F1
Magnification:4-16x (32x via PIP) with base magnification adjustable to any value
Digital zoom:In steps 2x, 3x & 4x base magnification

Dimensions:1458065 mm
Display:1024x768 OLED
Power:1x21700 (6-7 Hours) or external (BP-2R 16 Hours)

Supplied in soft case complete with batteries, charger and user manual.

Warranty: 2 Years. E&OE