Iray Finder FH35R Thermal Monocular

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Iray Finder FH35R Thermal Monocular

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The iRay Finder FH35R is an exciting development from iRay. Now with a longer focal length 35mm lens and high resolution OLED display for increased image quality and utility. We have already stated that a 35mm, 12 Micron, 640x512 resolution is about 'perfect' for a thermal spotter. The FL35R manages this in an extremely compact package that also includes a laser range finder!

This unit is a true shooters thermal 'multi-tool', either in your pocket or around your neck on a lanyard it will always be ready to image and range!

Model  FH35R
Pixel Size, μm  12
NETD, mk  ≤35
Frame Refresh Rate, Hz  50
Objective Lens, mm  35
Field of View  1012.5
Optical Magnification, x  2-8
Digital Zoom  x1/x2/x3/x4
Exit Pupil  20
Focusing range of eyepiece  -4D~+5D
Display  1024x768 OLED
Battery Type  Li-ion
Replaceable Battery Type  Yes
Max. Battery Life,(t=25℃),h  6* 
Laser Range Finder Range m  600 +/- 1
Amount of Built in Memory gb  32
App Compatibility  Support
Dimension, mm  90x50x160
Weight, (without battery) g  350
Detection Range, m  1818
(Target size:1.7m0.5m,P(n)=99%) 
* Actual operation time depends on the intensity of Wi-Fi use and the built-in video recorder.

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Superb clarity and detail. Rangefinder works really well. Zoom function is very good.
Gary M.