Iray E6+ Plus V3 Thermal Monocular

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Iray E6+ Plus V3 Thermal Monocular

The iRay E6+  Plus V3 has all the features, we consider optimum for a high quality 'do it all' thermal spotter. The combination of the 35mm lens and high resolution 640x512 12 Micron sensor allows a wide field of view on base magnification, with very high detail, while still retaining the ability to zoom for longer range targets.

The unit has been further upgraded with a high resolution OLED display.

Eye Ⅱ Series V3 is a powerful, compact and cost-effective thermal imaging monocular which adopts a 12μm 640*512 resolution thermal sensor with sensorNETD≤25mK ( @25C,F#=1.0)and a high contrast HD OLED display, within innovative improvement in thermal imaging quality and multifunctional features, brings you great technical superiority and experience in thermal imaging.

Model  E6 PLUS V3.0
Resolution, pixels  640x512
Pixel Size, μm 12
NETD, mk  ≤25
Frame Rate, Hz  50
Objective Lens, mm  35
Field of View  12.510.0
Display 1280x768 OLED
Optical Magnification , x 2.0
Digital Zoom  x 1x / 2x / 4x
Max. Battery Life h 6
Built in Memory (gb)  32
Dimension, mm  188x65x64
Weight, g  <420
Detection Range, m 1818
(Target size:1.7m0.5m,P(n)=99%)