IR Illuminators

All night vision with the exception of Thermal needs some ambient light. Infra red (IR) illuminators provide invisible ambient light to increase the performance and range of your night vision system.

We have Infrared (IR) illuminators available in all performance ranges and budgets from LED IR illuminators to long range Laser IR illuminators.

Our new range of Black Sun IR System illuminators and pills are manufactured in house here in the UK and are the highest power available.
Black Sunnranger 2 IR illuminator
High power precision 850nm LED IR Illuminator
Black Sunnranger Mini IR illuminator
Mini Sunnranger 850nm LED IR Illuminator
Black Sunnranger Ruby IR illuminator
Highest power precision LED IR Illuminator
Black Sunnranger Ruby Mini IR illuminator
Mini Sunnranger Ruby LED IR Illuminator
Ward T67 Aspheric IR illuminator
(-23.64%)  42.00
High power 850nm LED IR Illuminator with 67mm Aspheric lens