GS14 Gen 2+ Monocular

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GS14 Gen 2+ Monocular

The GS-14 offers high performance Generation 2+ night vision technology for the budget-minded end-user. With an upgraded Gen2+ Mil-Spec tube, the GS-14 offer better resolution at longer distance than the standard Gen2+ version. It is a short range monocular able to recognize a man out to 150 yards. The GS-14 features one of the most robust body housings found on any night vision monocular. A built in high power, multi stage IR Illuminator reaches out to 30 yards for use indoors or under heavy cloud cover. It also features an internal low battery indicator. Most importantly, the GS-14 features a standard Gen2+ image intensifier tube. These are true Gen2+ tubes offering the highest performance at the lowest price. The GS-14 can be configured to work as a hands-free helmet mounted unit, a hand held spotting scope, or a weapon mounted night vision monocular behind a red dot sight.

There are a lot of inexpensive night vision devices on the market. While these units seem attractive initially, the reality is their performance never meets the user’s expectations. We are constantly asked about the lower cost night vision units on the market. We know that not every end user is a high-speed door-kicker, needing the most cutting edge night vision device available. So we conducted exhaustive testing of the lower cost units in an effort to find a night vision device for our hobbyist market. There is a distinct difference between "inexpensive” and "cheap” night vision. We refuse to compromise our reputation by offering cheap products. While still more expensive than some of the other units on the market, we strongly feel the GS-14 is the best "budget” night vision device available and the only one worthy to be offered to our clients.

Magnification 1X
Objective (mm) 25
Field of View (Degrees) 40
Range of Focus (m) 0.3 - infinity
Diopter Adjustment +2 / -6
Waterproof Water Resistant
Built-In IR Illuminator Yes
Batteries Type AA Lithium (1.5V)
Batteries Quantity 1
Battery Life, Standard (hrs.) 30
Weight (g) 350
Dimensions (mm) 115x55x50
Operating Temperature (ºC) -40 - +50

Gen 2+ Resolution 45-57 lp/mm; Signal-to-Noise Ratio 16-19