Black Sun Ruby IR Pill for NM Clone

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Black Sun Ruby IR Pill for NM CloneDue to customer request, we have engineered the Black Sun system to work in the format for the imported NM clone type torches that are sold under several brands here in the UK. This will not fit the genuine NM torch, only the clone types.

This is our Black Sun Ruby IR System custom machined pill  for maximum thermal efficiency, reliability and power in this popular format.

The Black Sun Ruby  IR System is our latest development and is most suitable for add on night vision systems that require extreme power density, tighter beam focus, clarity and image contrast.

In terms of performance, in a 38mm aspheric illuminator such as a T20, the performance of the Black Sun Ruby is comparable to that of our standard Black Sun in a 67mm aspheric!

Once the Black Sun Ruby is put into a 50mm or larger Aspheric or sunnranger it is absolutely the most effective IR illuminator available at this time.

This new development can be used to either save weight by dropping from a 67mm to a 38mm lens illuminator or to gain considerable performance increase by using the larger 50 and 67mm lenses.

The Black Sun Ruby uses a slightly shorter wavelength of infra red light to achieve better efficiency and image contrast. Due to this and the high level of output power the visible glow from the die of the LED is more than that of our Black Sun 2. This can be mitigated if necessary by using the 3 power level modes built into the pill, accessed by a short press of the illuminator's switch to cycle through power levels.

Warning: Use only with single battery torches.

Customer reviews
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Excellent addition.
Alan W.
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Cracking bit of kit, amazing difference for updating your NV ir capabality.
Martyn J.
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Awesome product!!

Compared to my Osram 820Nm that I currently use in my LL Nemesis itís a much brighter and cleaner picture plus it gave me at least a extra 100m distance from the LL Nemesis.

The BS Ruby overpowered the Nemesis On-board torch (Osram 820Nm) by so much that there was no real difference if it was turned on or off. (Used the BS Ruby in a Evo T50 torch and have a T50 lens on the LL Nemesis also)

Iím talking to Clive to make me one that fits in my LL Nemesis on-board torch.