Black Sun Dark Engine ID VCSEL Laser illuminator

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Black Sun Dark Engine ID VCSEL Laser illuminator

Our BSDE ID Black Sun Dark Engine ID, IR illuminator is our latest evolution of the Black Sun system. This ID version is designed for dedicated night vision scopes with magnification starting at 3x

We have adjusted the profile of the beam to remove the 'black hole' centre at very wide flood settings. We have also included an illuminated tail cap switch so you always know the operating condition of the illuminator.

Perfect for use with any dedicated or clip on night vision unit.

For add on systems or high magnification dedicated, please order the standard Dark Engine.

By combining our knowledge of LED systems with the latest VCSEL laser diode technology we have produced the smallest and lightest illuminator possible, but with extreme performance and usability.

Due to careful design, the Black Sun Dark Engine does not fall under laser safety classifications and can be used just as safely as any other LED based IR illuminator.

The beam is focussed via a precision multi lens system, providing exceptional beam quality and is easily and smoothly adjusted from flood to spot in under half a turn or the rubberised head.

The illuminator comes with a variable power illuminated tail cap tactile switch with memory for Low / Medium / High power outputs.

Battery life
3-90 hours
1 x 18650 3.7V (not supplied)
167 x 50mm
Body dia 25mm 

Customer reviews
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Very good service,received good advice from the staff,very happy with laser illuminator pairs well with digital night vision scopes awesome clarity , would recommend laser over LED every time!!-.
Frank W.
Shopping Satisfaction
Great bit of kit.
Gary w.
Shopping Satisfaction
Great bit of reasonably priced kit. Definition close up is much better than with my old LED illuminator and the range is impressive - far further than I'd be comfortable shooting at night!
Highly recommended.
Mike H.
Shopping Satisfaction
Best IR illuminator for dedicated night vision scopes, easy identify foxes at 400yrds. Super fast delivery.
Shopping Satisfaction
I really like the illuminated tail cap and focused beam . Quality equipment . Another winner from the Nightvisionstore.. 100%.
Tony h.