Ratings and Reviews for  Black Sun B20 IR illuminator

Product Rating
5 / 5
Geert p. 5/7/2019 at 03h22
5 / 5
I haven't had chance to try this out in the field as yet. However, the product is very well made with a nice solid feel. The zoom head function is nicely weighted and has a very smooth but reassuringly positive action. It's important to note that some torch manufacturers have major issues with the head loosening and become floppy as it nears the full zoom setting and some even detach from the main body! - But not this beauty. At full zoom it's still firmly in place and comes to a nice stop.
Padredante. 5/22/2018 at 00h18
5 / 5
Very good .
Leslie N. 8/10/2017 at 17h10
5 / 5
Mitch P. 8/9/2017 at 15h06
5 / 5
Works well.
Peter s. 7/21/2017 at 16h29
5 / 5
Good product fast post great service.
DAVID H. 3/17/2017 at 18h21
5 / 5
Great improvement on my previous torch.
Philip R. 2/27/2017 at 23h03
5 / 5
Well made and spec'd out illuminator.
Doug L. 2/16/2017 at 09h45
5 / 5
Well made and bright.
Michael m. 1/16/2017 at 21h42
5 / 5
Great torch, exactly as Clive described-it is MUCH more powerful, and has no dark areas in the beam.
Andy h. 12/18/2016 at 17h43
5 / 5
Had a T38 which was ok for my set up but this b20 blows it out of the water!!! Very happy with product.
Shaun M. 12/4/2016 at 12h21
5 / 5
I found trying to speak to anyone about my order was impossible because calls were directed to a call service.
David M. 10/20/2016 at 13h18
5 / 5
Much brighter than my Tracer 400.
C.J. 9/8/2016 at 16h46
5 / 5
Works well so far, easy to adjust illumination and focus. Much better than builtin photon XT ir illum.
Richard W. 5/22/2016 at 16h42
5 / 5
Great illuminator ,worked well with a e700.
Bruce B. 2/13/2016 at 04h33
5 / 5
Brilliant kit 3 different modes the first mode lasted for over 8 hours continuise use could see well beyond air rifle ranges.
Melvyn m. 11/7/2015 at 16h18
5 / 5
Much more power than my standard T38.
Neil B. 11/6/2015 at 21h29
5 / 5
Very nice IR no black line down the middle when on a tight beam...brilliant!!
David K. 11/6/2015 at 16h33
5 / 5
Great piece of gear, worked even better after i figured out it had different power levels O.o well worth the wait!
Daniel e. 9/16/2015 at 11h50
5 / 5
Nothing wrong with this product, just the despatch part of the business.
Anonymous. 8/12/2015 at 12h14
Thanks for bearing with us through the delays to orders caused by Operation Stack. It's greatly appreciated.
Night Vision Store - 8/12/2015 at 14h43
5 / 5
Wow, what a stunning illuminator! Knocks spots off the standard T20, & a fair bit better than my T38, clear out to almost 400yds with my Wardy 700 add-on NV through a Sidewinder scope.
Stephen A. 8/7/2015 at 14h33
5 / 5
This new ir pill is spot on! Mick Brealey .
Mick Brealey. 7/12/2015 at 21h55