E6 PRO Thermal Monocular

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E6 PRO Thermal MonocularThe E6 PRO is our very latest offering in thermal imaging and one we have been waiting on for some time.

The E6 PRO is a compact, very high performance, easy to use, IP66 rated handheld thermal imaging monocular.

It is is unique in the UK market, having the highest resolution 17 micron VOx thermal sensor at 640x512 and a display resolution of 1280x960. Coupled with the 50mm F1 lens and custom algorithms, the image is even sharper, more detailed and sensitive for spotting targets even at extreme ranges and poor conditions, than anything else on the market.

The wide field of view and extreme sensitivity and sharpness makes the E6 PRO the perfect spotter. Targets can be identified even at long range without difficulty or the need to digitally zoom in, although the unit does have that feature.

Thermal pallets are White Hot, Black Hot, White Hot with highlight, Colour and High Contrast White Hot.

For convenience the E6 PRO has a tripod mount and hard wired video out for remote mounting, it also has the ability to broadcast to 4 separate devices simultaneously via WiFi.

There is also a built in laser designator for marking targets.

Battery life is 3.5 - 5 hours from the internal battery depending on features used. The E6 PRO can also be powered and charged via an external USB power source.

The unit has a native magnification of 2.5X with digital zoom steps at 5X, 10X and 20X

Video and still image recordings are stored to the internal 8GB memory.