Black Sunnranger Ruby IR illuminator

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Black Sunnranger Ruby IR illuminator

Our BSRR Black Sunnranger Ruby IR LED illuminator is a great addition to your night vision setup.
This is a production version of an excellent conversion of the standard T20 torch host fitted with a Yukon 50mm ranger lens system.
The original conversion was made by the user sunndog on the excellent hence the name.

We have updated the concept further by fitting the latest Black Sun Ruby IR System pill.

The Black Sun Ruby  IR System is our latest development and is most suitable for add on night vision systems that require extreme power density, tighter beam focus, clarity and image contrast.

The beam is focussed via a precision multi lens system, providing exceptional beam quality and is easily and smoothly adjusted from flood to spot.

The illuminator comes with a variable power tail cap tactile switch with memory for Low / Medium / High power outputs.

Battery life
2-8 hours
1 x 18650 3.7V (not supplied)
185 x 54mm
Body dia 25mm 

Customer reviews
Best IR on the market. 3 power settings perfect for different nightvision devices.
Liam c.
Excellent thanks.
Philippa B.
Best ir torch so far. well made and makes a big difference .
Kevin c.
Excellent performance IR illuminator in a robust construction.
John Z.
Awesome sunranger, Iíve tried a different brand in the past thatís pushed on Facebook but the build quality and performance of Cliveís ruby version just makes others look very ordinary.
Ian m.
Fantastic bit of kit. The best IR illuminator Iíve found for the money by far and the perfect match for my Sightron S-Tac and Ward 800L combo. 100% satisfied.
Graham J.
Great innovative products...stop it please...although a dedicated digital scope would be great :).
Joseph D.
An excellent piece of kit, Iíve tested it on the Archer night vision and it is by far the best IR illuminator for the job. The clarity is fantastic.
Peter F.
Very powerful and well made ďsunrangerĒ for an excellent price definitely the best Iíve seen.
Mark D.
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